A Lifetime Captured


Cristian YoungMiller

A Lifetime in Pictures

30 Somethings - The Entrepreneur Years

Although I started out my 30's by acting in a play, I quickly realized that I was no longer an actor. The passion had been spent. I also realized that I needed more than short creative spurts. The need to take my destiny into my own hands trumped all else. At 32 I tried to create a production company, and when that failed I start my first online business. A year later I started my second online business and the new stage of my life was in full swing. All of the things that I had given up to live the life I had had become glaringly clear. My life needed more and I set out to redefine who I was.


20 Somethings - The Actor/Director Years

The last picture of me where I am a blonde was when I went back home to the Bahamas to mentally recover from my homeless ordeal. While there I worked on the movie flipper (behind the scenes), and recharged mentally. When I was ready I moved to Orlando and then Dallas and then L.A. where I met minimual success as an actor. I worked my way into being a promo producer and writer for a Disney company and then later Disney Channel. But I had a crazy spiritaul believe that I would die before I was 28 and never made any long term plans. But when I had my 28th birthday I almost immediately decided to direct and star in a movie. These years were the most creative and purely youthful times of my life. I dared to live my dream in these years without thought of the future. I worried only about my work, getting by financially and sex. These years were my youth.


22 and under - The College Years

The picture at the far right is my first headshot when I was 19. The next is a life-sized bronze statue of me. The one to the far left is the lowest point of my life. I had graduated from college and within 6 months I was homeless. Note how thin I was. The picture of me in the vest was taken only 7 months prior. I had dropped 25 pounds during that time. My adulthood hadn't started out quite how I had thought that it would.




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