What Am I Doing Now?!

Cristian YoungMiller



Published My 2nd Novel

Today I published my 2nd novel: 'The First Day After Life: A Spiritual Adventure About Why Bad Things Happen & How To Shape Your Future'. You can buy a paperback version by clicking here. Or you can buy a downloadable version of the book here. Please buy a version as support. :-) You can "like" the book on Facebook here.



Finished My First Romantic Comedy Script

Today I finished writing my first romantic comedy. Supposedly it's really funny. I think that I'll turn it into a novella. :-)



Mentioned in a TheDailyBeast.com Article

2 nights ago I was asked by a writer at TheDailyBeast.com for my thoughts on the phenomena where men are sending pictures of their penis to others. She aske me because I am the author of 'Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement'. And you can click here to see the article.



Published my 3rd Children's / Adult Humor Book

Today I published my children's/adult humor book 'Everybody Masturbates for Girls''. You can buy it on Amazon.com here. Or you can by the hardcover book here. It is availabe in the Kindle, Sony Nook and Barnes & Noble E-reader store as well as everywhere else. You can "like" my 'Everybody' series of books on Facebook here.



Published my 2nd Children's / Adult Humor Book

Today I published my children's/adult humor book 'Everybody Has Those Thoughts So It Doesn't Mean You're Gay''. You can buy it on Amazon.com here. Or you can by the hardcover book here. It is availabe in the Kindle, Sony Nook and Barnes & Noble E-reader store as well as everywhere else. You can "like" my 'Everybody' series of books on Facebook here. And you can buy the T-shirt here.



Created "Everybody Masturbates" T-shirts

Today I designed and created 'Everybody Masturbates' t-shirts. If you see me I will probably be wearing one because I really love them. You can buy one here: www.cafepress.com/RateABull. You can also get a cool mug with Billy Apple on it. I love these designs.



Appeared on the Dating Game Show 'Baggage'

Today I appeared on the dating game show 'Baggage' to promote my book 'Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlarement'. It was a fun show and you can watch it on the Game Show Network's website here. My video is the one called: Baggage Season 2, Episode 8. After the show without anyone around, Jerry Springer told me that I "was the perfect guest".



Published my 1st Children's / Adult Humor Book

Today I published my children's book 'Everybody Masturbates'. You can buy it on Amazon.com here. Or download a copy of the book here. It is also availabe on the Kindle store and everywhere else. You can "like" it on Facebook here.



Finished Writing A TV Show Based on the Children's books

Today I finished writing an animated comedy TV show pilot based on the children's book. It is like South Park meets Veggie Tales. I wouldn't really say that the show is for kids. But it is funny! :-)



Recieved his 1st Ever Book Review and it's 5 Star!

Today I recieved my first ever book review and it is for my book "Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement." It is 5 out of 5 stars, it is on Amazon.com and it is entitled "One of the Most Humorous and Most Unique Books Around!" Check it out by clicking here.



Finished Writing My 3rd Children's Book

Today I finished writing my 3rd children's book. This one is less a children's book and more a gift that friends give to each other a parties to embarass them. Although if a kid ever read it they would get a lot from it. It would also probably ease their soul a little.



Finished Writing My 2nd Children's Book

Today I finished writing my 2nd children's book. It is the 2nd book in the series that I'm writing.



Published My book 'Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement'

Today I published my book "Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement" on Amazon.com. It is my first published book. You can buy a paperback version by clicking here. Or you can buy a downloadable version of the book here. Please buy a version as support. :-) You can "like" the book on Facebook here.



Finished Writing My 1st Children's Book

Today I finished writing my first kid's book and I like it. The book is called "Everybody Masturates". It is a story about a boy that is upset because his brother told him that he was going to grow hair on his hands. His father then has to explain to him that what he does in natural and OK. It should get a lot of attention.



Finished 2nd Novel

Today I finished writing my novel "Happiness Thru the Art of... Penis Enlargement: A 'Novel Guide' to Jelqing, The G-Spot, How to Last Longer in Bed and other Sexual Secrets". The was the hardest thing that I ever did. Many days I felt like I was loosing my mind while writing this. Initially it was extremely hard for me to be trying to be consistently funny. I blogged about the process on RateABull.com .

This book is about Ben, a good-natured guy, has lived his entire life with an alcoholic, verbally abusive penis named 'The Brotha'. The story begins when the Brotha finally goes too far with his dictation over Ben, and both admit to being unhappy with their life. As a result, both start a journey toward happiness which leads to their finding a guide to penis enlargement. Following the guide, they increase the Brotha's size, and learn sexual secrets which turn out to be only the beginning in their journey towards happiness.



Finished 1st Novel in 10 years

Today I finished writing my first novel in 10 years. This on is called "The First Day After Life: A Spiritual Adventure about Why Bad Things Happen & How to Shape Your Future." It is about a psychic who dies, tours the afterlife like the backstage of an amusement park, and then goes in search of why bad things happen to good people.



Lauched My Company RateABull.com

Today I launched the social networking site RateABull.com. It is the place for Men's advice.



Asked to Write the Cacique Awards

I have been hired to write the Cacique Awards in the Bahamas. It is the equivalent to Academy Awards and is considered an honor by most. It should be a great time and a very interesting experience.



Asked to Teach another 'How To Make a Movie' class

Today I got final word that NAGB (the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas) wants me to teach another class on how to make a movie. The last class was 2 years ago and was only 4 days long. This class will be 3 weeks and will run from July 11th to August 1st. Where as during the last class we shot a short, during this one we will shoot a full length feature. I have began writing the script now and it should be quite the adventure.

Here is a link to the Museum's website http://www.nagb.org.bs/ if your interested in attending or finding out more information about it. Be aware that there are only 20 seats available.



Put 'Tef' online

I have put the short movie that I wrote, directed and edited online. This short was also a selection of the first BIFF (Bahamas International Film Festival) and premiered on the festival's very first day. Check out 'Tef' here in the 'Short Movies' section.



Opened an Online Store: RememberTheBahamas.com

My mother and I have partnered together to open an online store selling merchandise from the Bahamas. Our motto is "We help you build and keep your memories of the Bahamas." We have everything from Bahamian Cookbooks, to Graycliff Cigars (rated by 'Cigar Aficionado' magazine as one of the best in the world), Bahamian T-shirts, Bahamian Candles, Bahamian Cologne, Bahamian Art, Carved Conch Shell Art, and crafts. The website is called: RememberTheBahamas.com and I spent a lot of time working on it so please check it out. I think it's the best website that I have created thus far.



Put 'Co-Incidence' Trailer online

I put the 'Co-Incidence' Trailer online as well as two scenes from the movie. One of the scenes has me clothing-less, so watch it at your own judgment. :-) Both scenes are very funny and gives you a pretty good taste of the movie. Check it out by clicking here.



Started an On-line Forum called: RememberTheBahamas.com/forum

Always looking for an outlet for my creative energy between directing and producing jobs, my mother and I are opening an on-line store selling merchandise from the Bahamas (my home). It will consist of everything from T-shirts, to specialty jams and jellies, to art and cookbooks.

The first step in the process was to create a forum that visitors to the Bahamas (tourists) could use to talk with other visitors and locals about what to do and what to avoid when they get there. My mother and I figure that the one thing that every traveler wants to take home with them from a trip is memories. Our site is designed to help people build and keep their memories of the Bahamas. The site is called: RememberTheBahamas.com, and you can check out the forum by clicking: RememberTheBahamas.com/forum.



Finally Finished 'Co-Incidence'

After an absence from it for 3 years I was required to take another look at 'Co-Incidence'. After looking at it I realized that some of the things that I had to live with because of the level of technology at the time, I could now fix with the latest software releases. So putting another 192 hours into 'Co-Incidence' I can finally say that it is the movie that I had in my head when I wrote and directed it.

It is now done, and you can check out the movie's website at www.co-incidence.org.



Directed a Video Game

I just got back from Chicago where I was the director consultant on a major video game for Vivendi Universal Games. Until it is released the game will have to remain nameless, but it is a franchise game for VUG and it's last release sold 1 million copies. Can you guess which one it was? I'll give you a hint, I specialize in comedy.

As the director consultant I lead the group which consisted of: Two character animators, a writer and the cinematographer consultant. Our goal was to storyboard as many of the more complicated scenes as possible so that the rest of their team could work off the storyboards and speed up their animation process. It was really interesting and fun. I can't tell you how many times I said the word 'breast' during that week. I would love to do that again.



Joined Commercial and Modeling Agency

After a 5 year hiatus from the world of professional acting, I have decided to get back into the game. City Garage was a great experience and it resulted in me doing some of the best work of my life, but it sucked the desire to audition out of me. And now that I have parted ways with the group, my desire is back. So, armed with some great headshots, a strong reel and new agent, West Coast Artists & Models Management, I'm back in the game.



Empire Builders Nominated for Production of the Year

The LA Weekly announced their nominations recently and my last play Empire Builders was nominated for production of the year. I am glad to see it nominated because not only did I truly suffer during the run of the show playing the schmurz, but it really is a great play. Every night as I lay bloody on the ground I would listen to the dialog and wonder how this show has been overlooked as one of the modern greats.



Radio Interview About Short Movie and Book

Today, I did a radio interview with Krissy Love and Eddie Carter on Island Fm 102.9 in the Bahamas. Their morning show is called the Morning Boil and was a blast to do. On it I talked about my short movie Tef, the film festival that it was being shown in, and the book that I'm working on. Listen to some of the interview at A Radio Interview.



Short Movie Accepted into Film Festival

Today, Tef, the short movie I wrote and directed as part the 'How to Make a Movie' seminar, was accepted into the Bahamas International Film Festival. The festival will take place December 9th through the 13th. Check out the film festival at www.biff2004.com.



Taught a Workshop on Moviemaking

Today I completed a workshop hosted by the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. The workshop was entitled 'How to Make a Movie' and covered 4 days. The first day was the thoery of screenwriting, and directing. Day 2 and 3 was spent shooting a short movie called "Tef" (Pronounced Teef, it's the Bahamian Thomas Crown Affair). The 4th day was spent familiarizing the attendees with editing. The workshop was a complete success.



New Website, New Book

Today I completed a new website asking the question "If you could go back in time and give the 21 year old version of yourself one piece of inspirational advice that would make that 21 year old's life better, what would it be and why?" After the success of the last website for 13 year olds I was asked to start development on the next book in the series. Please click over to www.adviceforyourself.net and share your advice. You can access the "Advice for your 13 year old self" website by clicking here.


Empire Builders is Pick of the Week

Empire Builders has been named Pick of the Week and is praised in an article by Steven Lee Morris. Click here to read the article and check out yours truly in the photo as the schmurz.



Joined Dr. Phil's Literary Agency

Michael Broussard from Dupree/Miller and Associates, Inc. called me up today and offered to sign me to a contract to represent my book: "What Do I Say To Me... at 13: The Wisdom of 1000 Everyday People."  After finding out that Dupree/Miller represents Dr. Phil, Jay McGraw and Ty Pennington from TV show "Trading Spaces," I was glad to sign. Not only is Dupree/Miller the # 1 lit agency in the country for New York Times bestsellers, but Michael called and offered me a contract less than 24 hours after my query letter arrived in their office. He didn't even have to see a book proposal. That is a well run office.  Michael shares my enthusiasm for the book and is the most encouraging person with whom I have ever worked. The experience so far has been better than I imagined.



Mentioned on USA Today.com

The first newspaper that mentioned me as an adult was 'The Nassau Guardian'. The next was the LA Times (Orange County edition), then the actual LA Times, and now USA Today.com. Certainly it's moving in the right direction. Check out the write-up that www.adviceforyourself.net got by usatoday.com. I have to say that it feels kind of nice to create something and then have someone say 'I like what you created so much that I want all of my readers to check it out as well.'



Cast in a Play at City Garage

Today I was cast in a play at City Garage called 'Empire Builders' by Boris Vian. I will play 'The Schmurz.'  I had actually decided to give up acting but apparently it was just a break. City Garage was recently named the best theatre company in Los Angeles by the La Weekly. 'Empire Builders' will be the first play since its honor and with a great cast and great script it should be a fantastic play. Oh, did I mention that I have the best part in it?



Writing a Book for Kids

Today I began research on a book that asks the question, "If you could go back in time and give the 13 year old version of yourself one piece of inspirational advice that would make that kid's life better, what would it be?" I have created a website at www.adviceforyourself.net so that people from all over the world can add their submission and check out everyone else's. Please check it out, and if you can pass it on to others. I need a lot of responses and each one helps.



Mentioned in a Book about Theatre

Recently a book about the theatrical productions of Heiner Muller's work within in the United States has been published. The book is entitled Muller in America: American Productions of Works by Heiner Muller Vol. 1 and includes a chapter written by Charles Duncombe about the productions of Muller's work at City Garage. Having performed in 2 of the 3 productions, I was mentioned a few times. The publisher of the book is Castillo Cultural Center and is edited by Dan Friedman.



Finished Final Draft of Next Movie

Today I put the finishing touches on the next script tentatively entitled, 'Red Reaper.' The one-line on it is that: it is about a man who is hunted by a ghost that seeks to grant him his darkest desires. Today I also mailed the script to the studios that, due to their enjoyment of 'Co-Incidence,' have invited me to submit.



Finished 2nd Draft of Next Movie

Today I finished the 2nd draft of what will hopefully be the next movie that I direct. It's not bad. It is exciting and thrilling while also introducing a idea about life that the audience can use to make their lives better. The first companies that I approach about finance will be the minor major studios. A few of them liked 'Co-Incidence' and wanted to see the next script. That as well as contacts nurtured over the past few months will give me a number of potential sources of money.



Changing My Company's Purpose

I have broadened the official purpose of my company from: helping people to know that they're not alone in the spiritual sense,  to creating products that help people to make their lives better. I believe that movies that help people to know that they are not alone does help to make people's lives better, but the expansion of the companies purpose better encompasses my true nature. Ever since I was a kid I have always found joy in helping people to make their lives better. Whether it was spreading around practical tips on how to handle a bad relationship or improving a company's computer interface for the sheer joy of making the company run more efficiently, I have always looked to make people's lives better. By expanding the company's purpose, I will not force myself to fit into a smaller box, I will be making the box as big as I am with enough room for other who share my interest.



5 Year Anniversary in LA

Well, as I look back over my 5 years in LA I can't complain. I have done a little bit of acting, writing, directing and producing. I did less acting and more producing then I thought that I would as I drove my 84 Audi from Texas to LA. I also did more directing than I thought that I would since I never really had a desire to direct. Looking back at everything, the entry that always makes me laugh is the 2/22/99 entry where I say that I am officially a writer/producer. What makes me laugh is the fact that I say ' and next films.' When I wrote that, I never thought that it could actually happen. I honestly wrote it as a joke, yet 3 years later it became reality.

So now, having survived 5 years here, it seems possible that I could be here for another 5. Here are my goals for that time, let's see how well I do this time. My goal for the next 5 years is to create a profitable company that makes films and other products that entertain while helping people to know that their not alone in the spiritual sense. Just to make it really challenging I will say that I would like to create 5 films in the next 5 years. And on top of everything else I will make it my goal to increase my international celebrity. I will determine this success using my website. 3 years ago I averaged 1.5 hits per day. Currently I average 3 hits per day. In 5 years I will get 12 hits per day.

Yeah, let's me see me pull this one off!  :-)



Finished First Draft of Next Movie

Today I finished the first draft of what should be the next movie that I direct for myself. It is a Supernatural Thriller that deals with fear and the idea of getting what we want.



Co-Directed a TV Series Pilot

Today I co-directed my first TV series pilot. A pilot is the first episode of a TV show which is used to sell the show to a network. It was a reality series about a group of young actors and singers trying to make it in hollywood.



New Article about My Work

There is a new article about the theatrical premiere of 'Co-Incidence'. Click here to read the article.



'Co-Incidence' World Premiere

My first movie has a world premiere theatrical release date of December 19th, 2002 at the Galleria Cinemas in Nassau Bahamas. I will be hosting a gala on the premiere date and I encourage everyone to get tickets in advance because it will be a sold out event. You can check out the movie's website at www.co-incidence.org or the movie's production journal.



My First Movie is Complete!

After receiving the last of the revisions on the score, 'Co-incidence is complete. You can check out the movie's website at www.co-incidence.org or the movie's production journal to see an overview of the journey now complete. Thanks to everyone involved in the wonderful experience. Your hard work is evident.



Becoming the Best in the World

I have decided to sharpen my career focus. My desire is now to become the best in the world, and what I can become the best in the world at is creating films that help others to know that they are not alone (in the spiritual sense). 'Co-Incidence' falls within that category and everything that I write and director from this point forward will work towards that end.



Co-Incidence Pictures

I have added Production Stills and Actor Stills to the Co-Incidence website. All of the pictures have been lifted from the actual movie. I invite you to check them out.



Co-Incidence Movie Poster

I went to the American Film Market to sell Co-Incidence to non-American theatres and I had to create a poster. Check out the Co-Incidence poster.



Began Post Production on my First Movie

I safely say that the only thing going right now involves Co-Incidence. So, please check out the production journal to follow the progress of my first movie.



Completed Shooting my First Movie

Check out the on-going production journal for details and behind the scenes pictures of the production Co-Incidence.htm  I made it a rule that people had to have a good time, and we did manage to fit that in there. There was a snowball fight, and laughing, and hugs when it was all over. It will be quite the movie.



Began Production on My First Movie

Check out the on-going production journal for details and behind the scenes pictures of the production Co-Incidence.htm  I have to say that for the most part we are all having a good time.



Began Pre-Production on My First Feature Film

Today I began pre-production on 'Co-Incidence.' It is a feature film that I wrote which explains my view of existence better than anything else that I have ever written. To find out the details click here.



'Frederick of Prussia' is Nominated

'Frederick of Prussia: George W's Dream Sleep' has been nominated for 5 LA Weekly awards: Best Director, Best Production Design, Best Adaptation, Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor.



'Frederick of Prussia' Opens at City Garage

Today 'Frederick of Prussia: George W's Dream Sleep' opened to 2 curtain calls and a standing ovation. 'Frederick of Prussia' will be running from August 17th until October 14th (extended). It is a fun show that everyone should check out. Please come on down. Check out City Garage for information. Click here to check out a picture from the show.



Cast in 'Frederick of Prussia' at City Garage

Today I have been cast in a play at City Garage called: Frederick of Prussia: George W's Dream Sleep. It was written by Heiner Muller and adapted for City Garage by Charles Duncombe, the resident writer.  I am playing Katte, the love interest of the title character as well as a variety of other roles.



Short Movie Wins Award

Today ifilm.com awarded 'consequent' the Silver Exhibition package. Click here to check out the movie.



Completed My First Movie

Today I completed my first short movie called 'consequent.' 



Directed My First Movie

Today was the first day of shooting  on my first movie as writer, actor, director, and producer.  My first project is a short shot on mini Digital Video.  Check back soon.  I will be posting it on this website when it is complete.



Picture in LA Times

Each weekend the LA Times chooses one play to promote as their favorite play.   This weekend the LA Times chose to promote Medea, using a picture that includes yours truly.  Click here to check out the photo.



Medea is Nominated

After receiving 'Pick of the Week' in the LA Weekly (the most important theatre reviewing paper in Los Angeles), and 'Critics Choice' in the LA Times, City Garage's Production of Medea was nominated for 5 LA Weekly Awards:  Best Set, Best Costumes, Best Adaptation, Best Director, and Best Ensemble.  The run of Medea has also been extended to August 13th.



Medea Opens at City Garage

Medea opened today to an incredibly enthusiastic response.  Medea is running from June 2nd to July 9th and features the writing of Charles Duncombe Jr. who adapted Heiner Muller's Medea.  Anyone who would like to come to see the play please note that Special performances will be given on June 9th to June 18th.  One of the actors will not be able to perform on those dates and I will be taking over their part as Jason as well.  Please be aware that there is female nudity. For reservations information please check out the City Garage Website at  www.citygarage.org   Click here to see pictures from Medea.



Cast in Medea at City Garage

I have been cast to play one of the 3 Jasons in the City Garage Production of Medea.   The production is scheduled to open June 2nd and will be a deviation from the Greek classic Medea, intertwining Heiner Muller's version with City Garage's own style.To find out more info about the City Garage Production check out their website at www.citygarage.org



Again a Published Poet

My poem 'Lilies Drip Honey' is again being published in an anthology of poems called 'From the Mountain Top' ISBN:1-58235-140-6 published in partnership with the poetry.com.   If you would like to read 'Lilies Drip Honey' click here.  Type in Cristian Miller to find the poem.



Optioned my first Television Show

An option happens when a established production company wants to buy a TV show idea from a writer.  Instead of paying big bucks, the production company pays a lesser amount for the right to try to sell it to a network.  Rocket Science Laboratories optioned a show I created and we are developing it together to sell it to a network.   The TV show is a reality based program on psychic phenomena, and alternative medicine.  The show is tentatively called 'Phenomena.'



Reprised Role on 'Days of Our Lives'

Today's shoot involved the scandalous Dr. Craig's wife who lay dying on the gurney.   During the Christmas holidays soap operas don't take breaks.  Instead soap operas push to finish all of the extra episodes on Saturdays and during the nights.   This episode will air December 14th right before their holiday break.  I again am in position in front of the patient yelling out B.P.'s and other bad news.  I just seem to be the bad news guy on this show.  I will take it though!



A New Article About My Work

Please checkout the new article about me from 'Beloit Magazine,' published by my almumata Beloit College .  Click here to go to the article.


10/4/99 & 10/5/99

<big>Worked on 'Days of Our Lives'

I have again worked on NBC's favorite day time soap, 'Days of Our Lives.'  This time I am an anesthesiologist.  Where as before I was tucked away in a crowd scene, this time I am right in front of the camera.  The story line is that Austin has been badly beaten up and needs brain surgery because of it.  I am handling the drugs in the O.R.  The shows will air on Nov. 1st and 2nd.  However, if you want to spot me in the shot, you have to look for the eyes because everything else is covered by hospital clothing.  I would be the one that gives the status reports on Austin's 'B.P.' (blood pressure).

This visit to 'Days' I stayed in Josh Taylor's (Roman on the show) dressing room.   For all of you Roman fans it is modestly decorated with a picture of the original 'Avengers' in it.  What I was surprised to find out on this visit is that every TV at the NBC studios is connected to all of the cameras in the building and outside.   While flipping through the channels I saw what was happening on the 'Days' set, as well as the 'Sunset Beach' set, 'Family Feud' set.  I saw Clint Black practicing his song on the 'Tonight Show' set and I saw the cameras that NBC news has pointed at the beach, the city, and the valley, so that they could cut away for a current weather shot.   That was kind of spooky.  You could never tell who is watching.

Please check out the show on Nov. 1st and 2nd.



Booked on 'Days of Our Lives' AgainI was called today to do another two days on 'Days of Our Lives.'  This time I am going to be playing a doctor.  And if you ask me, I will say that I am not a doctor, but yes, I play one on tv.  I have always wanted to say that :-)



Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now Opens

Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now is a play by the German filmmaker Fassbinder.  The play is about the sex killers Ian Brady and Myra Henley.  I play a range of characters including a tough guy, an intellectual rapist, and a jealous gay man.  There is cool music, dance and great performances.

The play examines the world that the killers must have lived in to have such twisted views of life.  There is heavy violence and nudity in this play, and I am sure that the show is like nothing  most people have seen.  For more information on the play, visit City Garage's website by clicking here.



Cast in My 2nd LA Independent Film

Today I signed the contract for my second indie film for the summer.  The film is called  Amerikka:  Year 2000.  The check out the film's website click here.  I will be shooting for a day in October.



Signed with A new Agent

Today I signed with the 'Bonnie Black Talent and Literary Agency.'  I am very pleased to be with an agent that can represent me as an actor as well as a writer and producer.  Click here for my agent's number.



Cast in My First L.A. Independent Film

Today I was cast in my first independent film in LA.  The film is currently entitled 'The Harbor,' and I am a support in it.  I will shoot for 2 days in the beginning of August and it should be fun.



Finished Writing my First Book

Tentatively entitled, 'Journey of the Spirit: Spirituality, Sex and the Obsession,' it was 12 years in the making, 18 months in the planning and 3 months in the writing.

The novel is about a young boy who is explained the workings of the universe through psychic experiences and an opportunistic spiritual guide.  With one foot in life and the other firmly in the hereafter, I tell a semi-biographical tale about my emergence as a spiritual experiencer.  I recount visions, energy transferences, past life memories, and channeling experiences that along with my spiritual guide and my natural human desires pushed me to understand the universal flow that connects all things through energy, i.e. The Unified Theory of Existence.

The book is based in spirituality and philosophy with enough sexual tension to snap the human body in two :-)  To see a reader's synopsis (What I will send to Publishers) click here.



Cast in a play at City Garage

Today I was cast in my first production at my theatre group, City Garage.  The play is called 'Pre-Paradise Sorry Now.' The opening date is August 20th.  I hope you will come.


5/4/99 & 5/7/99

Worked on 'Days of Our Lives'

I will make my NBC debut with this day and a half shoot that was material for 5 episodes that run May 28th and 31st, June 1st thru 3rd. It was fun.  While I was there I talked to Sally Kirkland.  She told me about working with Ron Howard on EdTV, Oliver Stone on JFK, and Paul Newman.  Paul Newman gave her the advise to just go for the award winning performance of a scene once and tell the director to cover it from all the camera angles he needs that one time.  I guess when you have been nominated for an academy award and have been in the business for over 30 years you can do that. :-)   You can check out her website by clicking www.sallykirkland.com.

Although briefly, I spoke to Austin who plays Austin on the set.  He spent most of the time playing with the little boy who plays Will on the show (It was cute to watch).   I also talked to the actors that play Marlena, John, Sami, and Lucas.  They all seemed very nice.  Marlena seemed a bit unfriendly but she might have been in character.  I also spoke to Angela who is the morning weather girl for the NBC affiliate in LA.  She played a reporter covering the execution.  She was very nervous and dropped her lines quite a few times.  Non-actors, what else can I say :-)   She was very nice though.



Booked on 'Days of Our Lives'

I found out today that I was booked for 2 days on 'Days of our Lives.'  This is also my network debut as far as I know. 



I Am Officially a Writer/Producer

I started my first ongoing Writer/Producer Freelance assignment today.  I am producing promos for a Disney company.  Next, films! :-)



Nominated for my first Award

I was nominated for a Long Beach Playhouse Award for a cameo role in 'The Sunshine Boys.'  I didn't win but it is only my first.



I Auditioned for Fraiser

Yep, I auditioned for Fraiser.  I didn't get it though.  Oh well.  But, that is only my first big audition in L.A. :-)



Signed with my excellent Acting Agent

I signed with The Sara Bennet Agency, a respected L.A. agent that I hope to be with until either Sara or I retire. Click here to check out my acting resume or get my agent's casting phone number.



Joined the critically acclaimed 'City Garage' Theater Group

I joined the 'City Garage.'  I didn't mean to join.  I went to audition because I wanted the practice.  I was invited to join.  I saw one of the shows there, and was blown away.  I joined.  Check out the reviews of 'City Garage' by clicking on here.  The reviews are incredible!



*****Unified Theory of Existence Created*****

This would be a red letter day in history.  At 10:25am on this day I created the Unified Theory of Existence which is destined to surpass Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and complete his Unified Theory.  I know it's a big claim, but it's true.  This moment is historic.  The Unified Theory of Existence gives science a single starting point to base all other theories around.  The tell-tale sign of its greatness is that it seem so obvious now that I have created it.  More on the Theory Later!



The End of my First Run

The Sunshine Boys closed last night and if anyone wants to take a look at the cast doing what we do best (goofing off) double click here



First Picture & Mention in the LA Times

Any one who has access to the Orange  County LA times please look in the theater section for the wonderful review of the Long Beach Production of the Sunshine Boys. Click here to read the article.



Published Poet Again

I found out today that 'Famous Poets Society' is again going to publish one of my poems.  This poem is a lusty one written about the first woman I ever had a crush on that I got a chance to know recently (or this poem is about any woman that I am currently dating, it depends on who's asking). 

Entitled 'Lilies Drip Honey,' it is going to be published in a anthology of poems, "Cherished Poems of the Western World."  I will have to let you know more when I get the details. To read the article on the last poem that I published Click here.



My first California Play

I found out today that I have been cast on my first audition that is for a play at the Long Beach Playhouse production of "The Sunshine Boys."  I have been blind casted in the role of Eddie Shafer, the director.



Arrived In Los Angeles

I can safely say that I love LA.  It is a lot greener than I thought it would be and there are beautiful people everywhere.



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