memorialstatue.gif (137878 bytes)You can find this amazing piece of artwork in Rockford, Illinois. It was created by the late artist Eugene A. Horvath. It was Revealed on Memorial day 1994. Eugene passed on April 14th 1995, but through his work both he and I will live forever (or at least a very long time).  It is across the street from 118 N Main, The New American Theater (Where I had my first professional theater job during which the artist found me).   It is also across the parking lot of 400 W. State Street, the Court House (no connection).  If you are lucky enough to be there in person, I am on the bottom left while facing the statue.  And that does resemble my 19 year old body.  The face is mine but it looks less like me.

 mystatue.gif (126391 bytes)