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December 20, 2002 - 08:56
Bahamian Produced Film Premieres At Galleria
Bahamian writer/actor/producer/director Cristian Young-Miller will be showcasing his movie 'Co-Incidence' at The Bahamas' very own Galleria Cinema this holiday season.

Try to picture a conflicting love triangle between a dead woman and a psychic, and another woman intent on having her name etched in the pages of time - toss in a few normal people, and voila! Your are one step closer to getting just a hint of what Bahamian director/producer Cristian Young-Miller's new movie is all about.

The independent film is scheduled to make its world premiere at Galleria Cinema, Mall at Marathon this Friday.

With a catchy underlying theme that emits the phrase "Even when the universe brings you to your lowest point . . . it's working to create your greatest good," the movie named 'Co-Incidence' because of its parallel story lines, is by far expected to be anything but a snoozer.

And despite the C rated flick being shot in Los Angeles, California, according to Mr. Young-Miller who wrote and also acts in the movie, one of his reasons for bringing the film to The Bahamas is to highlight Bahamian talent.

"I like the idea of Bahamians knowing that we as Bahamians are capable of more than what we're doing right now," he says.

"We have people out there making movies and doing things that may change the world and I wanted this to help inspire young Bahamians to know that we can do anything we want," he adds.

A graduate of St. Augustine's College high school, Cristian spent much of his childhood in The Bahamas, but no one may have guessed that the future entertainer, who held his first camera at the age of 12, would go on to major in Psychology in college before realizing his true love for acting, directing, and producing while taking an acting class.

Nevertheless, grabbing the spotlight should be the norm for the son of former Miss Bahamas beauty queen Sandra Miller.

After college Cristian went on to become a freelance producer for the Disney Channel, SoapNet, Toon Disney, and has even worked as a production assistant on the popular fish-friendly 'Flipper' movie.

Co-incidence is his second attempt at directing his own movie as he has previously featured a film short called 'Consequent' on the Internet.

"My goal was always to go on and find a director who understood my work.

My work is different, it is not the standard movie, it has ideas that are quite different," notes Cristian, explaining how he came to write, act in, produce, and then direct his own movie.

Using a high definition digital camera like the one used by producer George Lucas in the filming of Star Wars II, a cast and crew of about 50 persons and a far from extravagant filming budget, it took Christian two weeks to write, a month to re-edit, and amazingly only four weeks to shoot the film.

"Theoretically, the movie looks just like George Lucas' minus a 120 million dollars," jokes Young-Miller who notes one of his favourite scenes in the movie takes on a vividly yet colourful twist with a Bahamian rake and scrape song.

"They can expect to have some fun, they can expect to be surprised in the end, they can expect to spend a little time in getting away and come out with a new way of looking at life," says Cristian, expressing his take on the film.

Cristian also reveals that plans are on the way to write and complete another film.

He says with excitement, "Oh yeah! In fact I'm writing it right now!"

The show will run through the remainder of the holiday season, before returning to Los Angeles where it's expected to hit video stores on DVD.

By Monique Forbes, The Nassau Guardian