Finally putting my money where my philosophical mouth is, I have began the most difficult project of my life.  I am starring in and producing a film that I have written, that will hopefully give people a new way of looking at life. The film is entitled: 'Co-Incidence.' 'Co-Incidence' is centered on a love triangle among a dead woman, a psychic man that believes that it is his destiny to prove the existence of the afterlife, and a woman who believes that she can be remembered in history by attaching herself to the psychic man. Like the majority of my projects, I am using 'Co-Incidence' as a delivery devise to communicate an idea. The idea behind 'Co-Incidence' is that: Even when the Universe is bringing you to your lowest point, it is working to create your greatest good.

After deciding that it was time to do my first film and before I actually started to write the script, I had to decide what was important enough to spend a year or two and a lot of money to communicate to the world. I decided that a "destined goodness" is the most important idea that anyone could share. The one thing that everyone has in common is disappointment. Everyone has passionately desired something and has been hurt when they didn't get it. And everyone in that moment of dismay has wondered "why?". 'Co-Incidence' tries to explain why, and does it with as much humor and heart as I could come up with.

I have always tried to live life without regrets. So, after the script was complete, I had to ask myself what type of actions would bring a smile to my face after I took my last breath, and  had to review my life in the presence of the unfiltered love of the Universe. The answer was bringing to life projects like 'Co-Incidence' that give people a new way of looking a life, while injecting uplifting ideas into the world. And since you never know when that last breath is, it is always better to go out and create the life that you want to live, instead of waiting for someone else to create it for you.

This page is about the creation of that smile, and all of the heart ache that comes with it :-)